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At Camelot International Health Organization our products evolve from years of product development and research. Each product is manufactured using the finest possible materials, paying close attention to the smallest details and to the demands of the consumer. Our strong written warranty backs our confidence in the quality and value we offer.


Water filtration System Imperial Maximum® Club Water. Water distiller with fridge/freezer Imperial Rolls-Royce®
Columbia D water filtration system Aqua Vie Water Filtration System
Columbia II plus water filtration system    
Air purification System Imperial Tech® Cordon Bleu® Cookware.
Columbia Shower Filter Columbia Shower Filter
Camelot Deodorizer and Disinfector IONULTRA CLEAN® Ionizer with plasma technology.
Imperial-Tech® Juice Extractor Imperial-Tech Stainless Steal Bread Maker.
Imperial-Tech® Washer Machine Imperial Tech Ozonizer.
Steam Iron Top-Vapor® of Camelot. Food processor Imperial Tech of Camelot.
Pasta maker Camelot CASA DI FRESCOPASTA®. Automatic bread maker Steam cleaner Imperial Porche®.
High quality cutlery set Camelot Lady®. Nature sounds pillow Camelot Care®
Mosquito catcher with UVA Lamp (Ultraviolet) Insect Killer® of Camelot.    
A unique stainless-steel watch Camelot Lancelot. A unique stainless-steel watch Camelot Arthur.

Elegant Lifestyle products

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